Wart Ends Up Causing Discomfort

Best Wart Remover

The general assumption is that warts are not painful at all. In fact, medical research and findings on warts indicate that warts are not harmful for your health and may never be even painful. However, that is not always the truth in all cases. The warts that appear on the areas of the body with bump and constant friction are perhaps the most dangerous ones. Once the area prone to friction and or bumps is exposed to friction or the bumpy movement, the wart ends up causing discomfort, and this discomfort may eventually lead to a mild pain.

Further medical research on wart removal indicates that warts will always disappear naturally after some time. However, the estimated time to wait until the virus leaves your system completely is not worth the wait. It can actually take up to two years for the virus to leave your body naturally. You do not want to wait until after this time. And even though the time it takes for warts to disappear vary from on individual to another, it tends to last longer in older children and the adults.

Warts are quite bothersome to most people, and waiting this long for some natural miracle to happen in a two years span is not worth the wait. In that case, most people tend to seek medical help while others use effective home remedies for warts and the best wart removal creams to get rid of warts. It is okay if you want to leave the warts to clear away on their own. Usually, you need to have the patience to stand them long enough until they go away. However, in the case where the warts are starting to become painful, immediate attention may be necessary. Seriously, you cannot wait for warts on bumpy and friction-exposed areas of the body to clear on their own. You cannot stand the pain, and you must therefore consult the best wart remover for quick healing.

Home remedies for wart removal:

Potatoes and bananas are among the best home remedies anyone can use to get rid of warts. Pick a potato and cut it to a reasonable piece then apply the juice on the affected area. Keep the juice on the wart for 15 minute before washing. Use this remedy on a daily basis for few weeks until the warts disappear.

As for the banana, you will be using the peels as the remedy. In this case, cut the peels into piece, just enough that you can apply on the warts and then cover with a duct tape. Let the peels rest on the warts until they turn brown and soggy. Now clean the area and dispose the banana peels off. It is recommended that you use this home remedy only once a week. You should repeat it for a few weeks until the warts disappear.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is a potent ingredient for wart remover. The gel in the leave is an effective solution, which works perfect to eliminate the warts once applied on the affected area of the skin. You should use this solution two or three time every day until all the warts disappear.

Vinegar is a potential remedy for warts too. Soak some cotton wool in the apple cider vinegar and apply directly on the affected area where there are warts. Use the medication until the warts disappear completely.

Cosmetic remedies for wart removal:
The use of creams has become popular among so many people these days. Uses of organic based solutions have proven quite helpful in getting rid of the warts with ease within a short period. The common features of the best cream include:

Made from natural ingredients only, making them safe to use.
Guarantee results overtime, not over night.
Is cheap and suitable for use on any skin type.