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Meals On A Tray

Prison Food Is A Point Of Controversy In Some Communities


Prison food is not necessarily going to taste good. A lot of people that end up spending time in the prison grub line may begin to enjoy certain items like appelsauce. There can be a few desserts that prisoners may enjoy when it comes to prison food. You may find some prisoners willing to share their desserts for other favours while they happen to be in prison. This kind of exchange may be frowned upon by the guards. You are not going to see a ton of fried foods when it comes to prison food. The key is to make sure the prisoners are able to stay healthy.


Prisons may want to make investments in their food programmes . The truth of the matter is that taxpayers may not want to see a ton of variety in the food programme, Prison should be a punishment in their minds, and bland food can be a big part of that punishment. Punishment is one of the goals of the establishment, this may mean that they also want the servers to be rude when serving up a meal to the prisoners. You want to make sure ketchup and different condiments are available to prisoners. The hope is that prisoners will not fight over condiments, hopefully everyone will get an equal amount when it comes to ketchup and mustard. Some prisons may consider mustard to be too much of a luxury. Luxuries are typically avoided in a prison.


Some taxpayers want to see prisons spending more money on security measures. These taxpayers may not want to see prisons investing in fresh vegetables for the inmates. The fresh vegetables may be too expensive. Administrators are going to be tasked with keeping costs down, often cutting corners to do so. You do not want to cut corners when it comes to safety in the prison. If guards are unsafe in that particular unit, then the administrators need to be able to make a proper adjustment.

Hard Food

You are going to want to make sure that the prisoners are not eating a lot of hard food, this can lead to a larger dental bills for taxpayers. Prisoners do not want to go to the dentist either. Prisoners are going to try to select food that keeps them away from the dentist. A large number of people are going to be interested in how a cafeteria is run in a prison.


Stan Fletcher spent 6 months in HMP Wandsworth working in the kitchens during the day and by night writing a telling story about his time inside. The book is called Inside Looking Out