Cebu Delicacies

Cebu Pasalubong / Souvenir Items

Filipinos are exceptional when it comes to thoughtfulness. We love to give presents even on regular days.

Returning home from a vacation in the tropical paradise of Cebu is not complete without pasalubong and souvenir items. Native delicacies, customized t-shirts, keychains and others are simple ways of showing we remembered our dear ones while on a trip.

Listed below are popular pasalubong items in Cebu.

Dried mangoes

If want to be extra sweet, healthy dried mangoes are ideal pasalubong for families and friends. These are sun dried ripe mangoes available in leading supermarkets and groceries in Cebu.

Chicharon (Pork skin cracklings)

Carcar City, a third class city in Cebu province is the best producer of chicharon. You can buy chicharon at regular supermarkets in varying sizes and experience its distinct taste– deep fried to perfection.


Another Cebu’s pride is dried danggit available in pasalubong centres and supermarkets and groceries. If you want adventure, try to visit Tabo-an market and find cheap priced danggit and other types of dried fish.


Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos and Delicacies Inc., is the leading producer of excellent quality rosquillos in Cebu. Today, rosquillos are widely available in different Cebu supermarkets. Titay’s branch is located at Raintree Mall, Mango Avenue, city of Cebu.


Otap is an oval pastry or biscuit. There are many local manufacturers of otap and three of the most popular makers are Shamrock, Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos and Delicacies Inc., and Magic Melt. Foods Inc. Otaps are widely available in minor and major supermarkets. Shamrock outlets are located at Mabini St., Cebu City and Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City.

Of course if you found a property for sale in Mactan and live in the Cebu Area then you could have all these delicious items every day or even buy a guitar to play at your homes in Cordova, Mactan or Cebu


There is no doubt that Cebuanos are talented. Mactan island is known to be the top producer of world class quality guitars made of narra and kamagong. SM City Cebu and Ayala are the ideal place to go for souvenir guitars. Affordable guitars are also available in Carbon guitar shops.

Massage, spiritual Food

Sports Massage

Aside from massage in London and also massage in Victoria, sports massage  is a spiritual food applies to “prevent, combat fatigue, increased work capacity.
Sports massage is a physical medium manual to improve performance and athlete care. It is applied in order that: reach a production optimally prevent and avoid injury and accelerate the rehabilitation of the same.

The massage as part of a program detratamiento as therapy. From this we must point out that treatment, either massage or other therapeutic means, is classified and defined in relation to the indication and the purpose.
It consists of a series of maneuvers aimed massage both tissues athlete preparing before the competition (pre-competition massage), during competition (massage
competition), and the processing of the same tissues since sport has been completed (postcompetición massage) in order to prevent the occurrence of injury.

Why massage applied to the sportsman?
– To warm up the muscles of the athlete: Massage pre-competition warming.
– To download the muscles and easy retrieval: Recovery Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and venous return.
– To increase the movement of muscles. To oxygenate and make them more flexible before competing.
– To rub and clean the skin.
– To relax the muscles of the athlete.
– By its stimulating, revitalizing and energizing effect on the muscle.
– To relax psychologically and promote relaxation and pre-competition emotional release.
– For the pungent odor causing flushing and liniments and its therapeutic effect. – As an analgesic when pain arises after injury or contusions.
– To prepare the muscle a day earlier.
– To improve the performance of the athlete.
– As prophylaxis of various injuries.

The best Tantric Massage

Tantric massage

Tantric massage such as tantric massage in chelsea – is an art, in which the body warming up, starting from the soles of the feet and ending with the tips of his fingers. Equipment of this type of massage allows you to relax your tense body, resulting in a person experiences a pleasant sensation. Begins tantric massage  chelsea with light strokes of the body, that is being worked out all muscle groups of the client, then a nude masseuse touches his body to the client’s body, so he can feel the complete relaxation.

Just a few sessions to get the desired result. The individual program of massage can make adjustments and additions to the customer. It is best to make arrangements before the start of the session.

You do not know how to surprise her boyfriend? We suggest you buy in our salon gift certificate for a body massage in Kiev. Thus, you will not only surprise your boyfriend, but also allow him to experience new feelings and sensations.

We invite everyone to body massage in Kiev, we give a guarantee that after this procedure, you’ll feel liberated, relaxed and cheerful. After all, it is no secret that the body massage is able to awaken the most incredible emotions and expand the limits of sensibility.

Take advantage of the services of the spa will be men and women of different ages, as this massage has no age restrictions. We believe that everyone deserves to know the feelings that he had never experienced before.

Best Special Place for Your Scrap Cars

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Wart Ends Up Causing Discomfort

Best Wart Remover

The general assumption is that warts are not painful at all. In fact, medical research and findings on warts indicate that warts are not harmful for your health and may never be even painful. However, that is not always the truth in all cases. The warts that appear on the areas of the body with bump and constant friction are perhaps the most dangerous ones. Once the area prone to friction and or bumps is exposed to friction or the bumpy movement, the wart ends up causing discomfort, and this discomfort may eventually lead to a mild pain.

Further medical research on wart removal indicates that warts will always disappear naturally after some time. However, the estimated time to wait until the virus leaves your system completely is not worth the wait. It can actually take up to two years for the virus to leave your body naturally. You do not want to wait until after this time. And even though the time it takes for warts to disappear vary from on individual to another, it tends to last longer in older children and the adults.

Warts are quite bothersome to most people, and waiting this long for some natural miracle to happen in a two years span is not worth the wait. In that case, most people tend to seek medical help while others use effective home remedies for warts and the best wart removal creams to get rid of warts. It is okay if you want to leave the warts to clear away on their own. Usually, you need to have the patience to stand them long enough until they go away. However, in the case where the warts are starting to become painful, immediate attention may be necessary. Seriously, you cannot wait for warts on bumpy and friction-exposed areas of the body to clear on their own. You cannot stand the pain, and you must therefore consult the best wart remover for quick healing.

Home remedies for wart removal:

Potatoes and bananas are among the best home remedies anyone can use to get rid of warts. Pick a potato and cut it to a reasonable piece then apply the juice on the affected area. Keep the juice on the wart for 15 minute before washing. Use this remedy on a daily basis for few weeks until the warts disappear.

As for the banana, you will be using the peels as the remedy. In this case, cut the peels into piece, just enough that you can apply on the warts and then cover with a duct tape. Let the peels rest on the warts until they turn brown and soggy. Now clean the area and dispose the banana peels off. It is recommended that you use this home remedy only once a week. You should repeat it for a few weeks until the warts disappear.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is a potent ingredient for wart remover. The gel in the leave is an effective solution, which works perfect to eliminate the warts once applied on the affected area of the skin. You should use this solution two or three time every day until all the warts disappear.

Vinegar is a potential remedy for warts too. Soak some cotton wool in the apple cider vinegar and apply directly on the affected area where there are warts. Use the medication until the warts disappear completely.

Cosmetic remedies for wart removal:
The use of creams has become popular among so many people these days. Uses of organic based solutions have proven quite helpful in getting rid of the warts with ease within a short period. The common features of the best cream include:

Made from natural ingredients only, making them safe to use.
Guarantee results overtime, not over night.
Is cheap and suitable for use on any skin type.

People takes the Best HGH Supplements

The Best HGH supplements

There are many reasons why people take the best HGH supplements. But what exactly is HGH? How does it work and why is it so effective? In order to understand how HGH supplements can help you, it is important that you know what it is. HGH stands for human growth hormone, and just as the name says, it is a hormone that is very vital in the growth process. When you are growing, HGH for sale is vital in the transformation of having the body of a child to having the body of an adult. It is produced naturally by the pituitary gland, and people who have HGH deficiencies when they are young usually have problems growing and will need to take supplements in order to grow to a normal size.

However, the body recognises at around the age of 30 that you have done all of your growing, and it then orders the pituitary gland to significantly decrease the amount of HGH that it is producing.

It is no coincidence that a lot of people claim that they do not start to feel the effects of aging until they hit the age of 30, and then after 30, they start feeling these effects much more rapidly. This has a lot to do with the lack of HGH being produced by the body naturally. So in essence, HGH supplements are often represented as a fountain of youth, because they enable you to retain things that you might lose once you get older.

A lot of people use HGH supplements in order to lose weight. When your body stops producing HGH naturally, your metabolism slows down significantly as a result. When your metabolism does not work as fast as it used to, you often notice that you are having a much harder time losing weight and a much easier time gaining weight. So a lot of people will use HGH supplements in order to rectify that.

Athletes also use HGH online for sale very commonly. A lot of the athletes that use HGH are older athletes who want to be able to keep up and compete with younger athletes. HGH supplements will not only enable you to have more successful workouts and to build lean muscle much more effectively, they will allow you to recover more quickly from intense workouts and even recover faster from serious injuries.

Generally there are two ways in which you can get HGH supplements. You can get injections, which are very expensive and are actually synthetic HGH, or you can take HGH releasers. Even though the synthetic HGH is stronger and more effective, using the HGH is usually deemed to be the safer route and obviously the less expensive one as well. When you are using HGH releasers, you are trying to coax your pituitary gland into working overtime and creating more HGH on its own. That is why it is safe, because you are not putting synthetic HGH into your body; you are making your body create more natural HGH on its own.