Massage, spiritual Food

Sports Massage

Aside from massage in London and also massage in Victoria, sports massage ┬áis a spiritual food applies to “prevent, combat fatigue, increased work capacity.
Sports massage is a physical medium manual to improve performance and athlete care. It is applied in order that: reach a production optimally prevent and avoid injury and accelerate the rehabilitation of the same.

The massage as part of a program detratamiento as therapy. From this we must point out that treatment, either massage or other therapeutic means, is classified and defined in relation to the indication and the purpose.
It consists of a series of maneuvers aimed massage both tissues athlete preparing before the competition (pre-competition massage), during competition (massage
competition), and the processing of the same tissues since sport has been completed (postcompetici├│n massage) in order to prevent the occurrence of injury.

Why massage applied to the sportsman?
– To warm up the muscles of the athlete: Massage pre-competition warming.
– To download the muscles and easy retrieval: Recovery Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and venous return.
– To increase the movement of muscles. To oxygenate and make them more flexible before competing.
– To rub and clean the skin.
– To relax the muscles of the athlete.
– By its stimulating, revitalizing and energizing effect on the muscle.
– To relax psychologically and promote relaxation and pre-competition emotional release.
– For the pungent odor causing flushing and liniments and its therapeutic effect. – As an analgesic when pain arises after injury or contusions.
– To prepare the muscle a day earlier.
– To improve the performance of the athlete.
– As prophylaxis of various injuries.